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Handan Maizhong Trade Co., Ltd.
Многопрофильный поставщик
Main categories: Zipper, Bag Accessories, Clothing Accessories, Hardware Products, Belt Accessories
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Nylon Zipper


Custom zippers

Tooth color: gold, silver, gun metal, bronze, rose gold, rainbow


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Handan Maizhong Trade Co., Ltd.

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Main products

bag hardware accessories, bag strap, zippers & accessories, webbing and belt buckle


We have a professional team to provide service and product quality


one-stop shopping & stock & customization

superior quality and competitive price

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Zipper & Zipper Slider

Zipper Type
Nylon Zipper, Metal zipper, Resin Zipper
Zipper Tooth
Gold, Silver, Gun Black, Rose Gold, Rainbow
Zipper Slider
A variety of shapes and colors

Custom service

Yes, please contact me

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Webbing & Elastic Band & Lace



Jacquard webbing, woven webbing, ethnic style webbing.


cotton, polyester, nylon, PP etc.


1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 3.2cm 3.8cm, 5cm etc.


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New Product


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We have more types of straps.

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